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Massage Service

Massage Okay Guest House Services 

Massage Therapies

Khmer Traditional Touch   / 60mins  / 90mins

It is based upon the concept of meridian or invisible line of energy running along the body. Our standard trained therapists will help to restore the sense of well-being and reduce your stress. Khmer Traditional style massage will stimulate your circulation and relax your muscles.

The Okay Guesthouse Head Soother  / 40mins

The seated massage full clothes, which soft fingers are applied to head, forehead, shoulder, temple and neck. This massage is designed to improve memory and relaxes muscle of your face.

Sliming Body Therapy / 60mins /  90mins

A special anti-cellulite massages using a famous sliming oil and cream with ginger extra to make your complexion clear and firm.

The Okay Guesthouse Energy 4-hand Massage / 60mins / 90mins

The unique combination of two classic two therapists performing together, with acupressure and aromatic oils, helps to release blocked energy and replenish your body with fresh energy. The Okay Guesthouse 4-hand Massage truly increased circulation and stimulation of lymph system.

Stimulating  Foot Reflexology  / 60mins / 90mins

Therapist will stimulates point on your hands and feet corresponding to ears of the body as dictated by the art of Reflexology. The treatment will help to restore and maintain the body natural balance.

Khmer Traditional Herbal Hot Compress / 60mins / 90mins

The combinations of Khmer herbal ingredients are used to treat muscle pain, rheumatic pain, menstrual cramps, old injuries and toothache. Find your best doctors at The Okay Guesthouse Spa

Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage (Refresh, Relieve & Relax) / 60mins / 90mins

Our therapist chooses healing oil to suit your mood. The essential oils of plants are selected and used during the gentle manipulation to rebalance your body and mind.

Back Stress Reliever  30mins / 60mins

This massage treatment relieves stress and built-up muscle tension by focusing on your back, neck and shoulders in combination with a powerful Aromatherapy blend of Laurel, Rosemary, Lavender and lemon eucalyptus.

Deep tissue Massage / 60mins / 90mins

The techniques are applied to your whole body with hot natural Botanical oil to invigorate relief stress calms and sooths your back whilst it’s tired. Helps loose tight muscles and area of tension to ease pan and promote healing.

Spa Facial Treatment

Vitamin Facial Treatment (TIRED SKIN) (60mins)

The Okay Guesthouse Spa Luxury Facial Treatment (BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS) (60mins)

Deep Facial Treatment (DEEP CLEANSING) (60mins)

Scrubs and Wraps

Moisturizing Body Wrap / 60mins

Aloe Vera is perfect or sunburn and sensitive skin. This wrap has a cooling effect whilst moisturizing and promotion new cell growth. After the treatment your skin will be soft and smooth.

Khmer Heritage Herbal Body Scrub / 60mins

Fresh Cambodian fruits, sesame, seeds combine with pure honey used to leave your body refreshed, and help to rub all the dead skins cell away. Your skin will be supple and revitalized.

Sea Salt Body Scrub / 60mins

Sea salts are carefully blended with rosemary and citrus essential oils to stimulate circulation and slough away dull, flaky skin, leaving your body smooth and supple.

Specialized Spa Packages

The Okay Guesthouse Relive Stress Delight /120mins

Foot Reflexology (45min)

Warm Aromatherapy (45min)

Head massage (30min)

Relaxing Package /120mins

Aromatherapy (60min)

Hot compress (30min) Head massage (30min)

Rejuvenating Package /120mins

Khmer heritage herbal scrub (60mins)

Moisturizing Body Wrap (30mins)

Head massage (30mins)

The Okay Guesthouse Lover Package (3h)

Let us help you rejuvenate with our relaxing Spa Lover’s Package. The Okay Guesthouse Spa is a heaven place on the earth for you to pamper your body and mind in the same room with your darling.

Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage (90mins)

Khmer Traditional Herbal Hot Compress (30mins)

The Okay Guesthouse Spa luxury facial treatment (60mins)


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